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Welcome to ChromaLeaf

Founded in 2011, ChromaLeaf located in Los Angeles, California is a leading producer of professional audio, video, data, and electrical cable assemblies. The company manufactures custom cable assemblies, connectors, and accessories for worldwide distribution.

ChromaLeaf provides innovation and quality along with endless configuration options to meet customer demands. Customers can expect professional cable assemblies that are built by an in-house team of skilled cable fabricators. Most of our cable assemblies ship within one business day; customers no longer have to wait two or three weeks for custom orders.

Keeping You Connected

We know that connectivity is the cornerstone of your business or organization. As the industry progresses at lighting speed, there is an increased need for custom cable assemblies to meet the evolving requirements of industry professionals.

Ordering custom cabling is commonly known to be lengthy and complex and the quality of outsourced components is rarely guaranteed. With a deep understanding of the audio and broadcast market and a tenacious goal of modernizing the conventional customization procedure, we’ve adapted our services to offer professionals an economical and reliable way of meeting your needs with a hassle-free online customization, instant quoting and efficient ordering process.

Connectivity at Your Fingertips

It’s not just a cliché – time really is money. With ChromaLeaf’s interactive cable builder and instant quoting system, you can save valuable time by customizing your order and getting your quote with a few clicks of a button.

A seamlessly integrated online system, you can simply select the length of your cable, type of connectors, customize with your personal branding and place your order without having to rely on manual work. The human element, however, is the backbone of our business and for cable assemblies that require more advanced support, our outstanding ChromaLeaf customer services team is always ready to connect with you and guide you through the process.

Why Choose Us?

We do it ourselves

Unlike other companies, we produce all of our cable assemblies in-house. This means that we have full control over your order, which is expertly designed for your specific needs and built by our specialist team with meticulous precision.

Continued Support

Our family of products features compliance with UL, CL, RoHS and ISO certificates and our cabling solutions come with a limited lifetime warranty so you can invest in ChromaLeaf products with the knowledge that we’ve always got you covered.

Competitive Pricing

We offer superior quality of the highest standard at the most cost-effective prices possible so that you can see to your custom cabling needs without breaking the bank.

Quality Is Our Priority

We use first-class brand-name cables like Mogami, Canare, Belden and General Cable, which promise a high-end, exceptional quality product that will provide you with continuous connectivity that you can rely on.

Ultimate Convenience

Our online cable builder and quoting platform eliminates the back-and-forth logistics of
conventional communications and allows you to configure the perfect solution for your business or organization in just a few short steps.

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