About Us

Welcome to ChromaLeaf

Founded in 2011, ChromaLeaf located in Los Angeles, California is a leading producer of professional audio, video, data, and electrical cable assemblies. The company manufactures custom cable assemblies, connectors, and accessories for worldwide distribution.

ChromaLeaf provides innovation and quality along with endless configuration options to meet customer demands. Customers can expect professional cable assemblies that are built by an in-house team of skilled cable fabricators. Most of our cable assemblies ship within one business day; customers no longer have to wait two or three weeks for custom orders.

Keeping You Connected

As industries continue to evolve, there is an increasing demand for custom cable assemblies that are designed to meet advancing requirements. Custom cable selection is often a lengthy and complicated process. Using a hassle-free online customization process, ChromaLeaf offers the industry professional an economical and hassle-free way to meet your cabling requirements.

Why Choose Us?

In-House Production

ChromaLeaf produces all cable assemblies in-house. This allows for full control over your orders. Unlike many other companies in the industry, ChromaLeaf is able to fabricate precision builds by our team of specialists trained to meet your particular needs.

Customer Care

ChromaLeaf’s online service allows customers to seamlessly order custom cable solutions. For cable assemblies that require more advanced customization, ChromaLeaf’s customer service team is always ready to assist with your cabling needs.

Competitive Pricing

ChromaLeaf offers the highest standards and the most cost effective solution for your custom cabling requirements.

Commitment to Quality

ChromaLeaf uses industry-leading components such as Mogami, Canare, Belden, and General Cable as well as connectors from Neutrik, Switchcraft, and Amphenol. These high-quality components allow ChromaLeaf to provide exceptional products customers can rely on.

Industry Compliance

ChromaLeaf’s family of products are compliant with UL, CL, RoHS, and ISO certifications. Every cabling solution is offered with a limited lifetime warranty.

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